Sunday , 24 March 2019

A movement towards progressive thought

Dakshinayan Abhivyan, a recently formed progressive organisation will organise ‘Abhivyakti: Dakshinayan Rashtriya Parishad’ from November 18 to November 20 at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.
Dakshinayan is a movement that has sprung up through a collective desire to forge a new solidarity between all progressive forces. It is a struggle for the freedom of creative expression that foregrounds tolerance and dialogue. It is an attempt to deepen rational thinking as being pivotal to society that is genuinely equal, just and respectful of diversity.
Datta Naik president of Dakshinayan Abhiyan informed, “Dakshinayan is an all India organisation and I am the convenor from Goa. It is the long awaited initiative to go beyond caste, class, creed, gender, language, form and genre.” He further added that it is formed with an intention to cross borders between identities to nurture imagination with open mindedness and to celebrate the voice that frees the mind from limits imposed by ideologies, credos, partisan institutions and movements.
“This Convention will be attended by over 900 delegates of whom 600 are from different parts of India and 300 delegates are from Goa,” said Naik. He said that this is the first time Dakshinayan has organised an event in Goa. “We further have plans to publish progressive literature in various languages as another initiative,” he said.
On the first day, November 18, there will be ‘Sankalp Yatra’ a procession commencing from Ravindra Bhavan at 4 p.m. that will culminate at Lohia Maidan at 6 p.m. There will be a public meeting at 6 p.m. which will be addressed by Hameed Dabholkar, Medha Pansare, Shrivijay Kalburgi, Prashant Naik, Atamjit Singh, K Satchidanandan, Dhanaji Gurav, Uttam Parmar, K Neela and Manan Kumar Mandal.
On November 19, there will be an inaugural session. Speeches will be addressed by Ganesh Devy, Leela Samson and Bezwada Wilson. This will be followed by a symposium on the topic ‘Have Indian Intellectuals failed India?’ presided over by Fr Victor Ferrao, and Swaminathan Aiyer Anklesaria, Peter D’Souza and Suresh Dwadashiwar will participate.
In the afternoon session there will be a symposium on the topic, ‘Dichotomy between Development and Environment’ which will be presided over by Cleofato Almeida Coutinho where Claude Alvares, Avdhut Timblo and Dattaprasad Dabholkar will voice their opinions.
Moreover, there will be a session specifically for youth presided by Dilip Prabhudessai on ‘Culture v/s Science – Is it truly a conflict?’
In the evening there will be a talk on ‘Kashmir: Beyond Bullets,’ Shafeeq Shaunk from Kashmir will share his viewpoint.
Additionally, there will also be ‘Bahu Bhashik Kavi Sammelan’ with participation from poets from all over India, presided by Vasant Abaji Dahake.
November 20, there will be a session on ‘Superstitions & Social consciousness in Indian Folklore’ which will be presided by Jose Lourenco with participation of artist Subodh Kerkar, Tara Bhavalkar and filmmaker Anand Patwardhan.
There will be interviews of personalities like Amol Palekar, Rajdeep Sardessai and Nikhil Wagle in the session ‘Media: Freedom & promiscuity’.
There will be a talk by Yogendra Yadav on ‘India at Crossroads’ followed by discussion with Raosaheb Kasbe.
The concluding session ‘Action plan to fight communalism’ will be presided over by Prabhakar Timble with Annad Karandikar, Harsha Badkar and Prashant Bhushan as participants.
The delegate fee for the conference is `1000/-, while entry for college students is free upon presenting their identity cards.

(‘Abhivyakti: Dakshinayan Rashtriya Parishad’ will be held from November 18 to November 20 at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.)

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