Sunday , 24 March 2019

A matter of concern


When tiatr writer-director Prince Jacob released his tiatr ‘Aao Ja-O Goa Tumhara’, last year, he observed that the audience does not like to listen to speeches.

“People get bored of long speeches and lectures. They wait for the comedy scenes rather than concentrating on the moral of the tiatr. Thus conveying a message through comedy is the best way to reach the audience to the fullest,” he says. And the director is all set to implement this formula again as he brought out another hilarious tiatr ‘Amkam Kiteak Poddlam!’ which is based on Goa.

‘Amkam Kiteak Poddlam!’ translates as ‘why do we need to worry?’, is a story based on the typical Goan attitude of not being bothered when it is someone else’s problem. Director, Jacob has highlighted in his tiatr, that this attitude can make a huge difference when the person himself is a victim and no one supports him.

“There is a saying in Konkani – ‘Aiz mhaka, falya tukam’. Is it not true? We cannot understand the problems of others, but we can understand ours when we fall in the same boat! Despite not helping others, the person expects others to help him. But who will help him if everyone has an attitude of ‘Amkam Kiteak Poddlam’?” Jacob points out. The tiatr is thus a wakeup call for Goans to stay united.

The tiatr is based on an incident in Goa. When someone loses his property, he tries to retain it yet none of his relatives, friends and neighbours help him. This shows that there is no unity among Goans. “Whatever phase Goa is living in today, it is because we do not live in unity. Goans should stay united in every situation to save Goa,” Prince adds.

Speaking further about the scenario in Goa, Prince states that he is not against outsiders shifting to Goa but he is concerned about the condition in Goa right now. “A migrant lady became the Sarpanch of a village in Goa. We are not too far from having a migrant as our minister,” he says. Prince adds that when migrants settle in Goa, they should ensure that they follow the law and not get into illegal activities which can ruin the protective and healthy quality of life in Goa. He states that Goans living outside Goa do not try to make some other state their own.

“When Goans settle in other states for their jobs, they ensure that they do not get into illegal activities. People who settle in Goa from other states should do likewise. We are proud of being Goans wherever we are. They must be proud of their states too. Their wrong doings can ruin their state’s name in turn,” he says.

And although his previous monsoon tiatr ‘Aao Ja-O Goa Tumhara’, and this new one are not linked in any way, the village, characters and theme in both productions are the same. However the concepts and situations highlighted and the messages conveyed are different. Jacob has also used a fixed set for his new tiatr, which gives a feel of a real village on stage.

His new tiatr, ‘Amkam Kiteak Poddlam!’ will release at Pune on July 20 followed by shows in Mumbai. This will be followed by shows in Goa, starting on August 3. With lots of kaantaras, caants and comedy, Prince’s tiatr aims to entertain the audience.

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