Thursday , 18 April 2019

A happy moment to frame


FC Goa Head Coach Sergio Lobera and the team players were all praise for Melbourne-based FC Goa fan Samson Fernandes (17) after he designed a digital photo collage of the FC Goa players.

Fernandes presented the photo collage in a frame to Sergio Lobera on Saturday, during the team’s training session at Bambolim Sports Complex. The digital photo collage consists of all FC Goa players in action, with coach Lobera at the centre. In a note to the team, Fernandes wrote: “Thank you for bringing an attacking style of football to the Indian Super League and making every game exciting and worth watching.”

“It was a great moment personally handing over my work to Sergio Lobera, who appreciated the photo collage and invited me to watch FC Goa matches during our stay here. I will always cherish this moment,” stated Fernandes.

Fernandes also got a team jersey with the signature of all players presented by FC Goa star Coro. The jersey is yet another addition to Samson’s prized collection of FC Goa memorabilia.

“My collection of FC Goa memorabilia now consists of a team jersey signed by the teams of 2014-15, 2017-18 and 2018-19, and a football signed by the 2014-15 team,” said Fernandes.

A university student who plans to pursue his further studies in Digital Art and Architecture, Fernandes has been following the team ever since head coach Zico trained the team. He has taken keen interest with FC Goa team and has his own Instagram account ‘fc_goa_edits’, where he has digitally edited over 280 photos (players and coaches) of the FC Goa team over the past four years. He currently has over 1,000 followers on his Instagram page and they include Lobera and most FC Goa players.

“Right from meeting FC Goa players of the first edition in 2014 till date, every meeting with the coaches and players has been truly memorable for me. My effort is to dedicate my skills to further popularise the FC Goa team in Australia and overseas through this social media platform,” he said.

Fernandes’ love for FC Goa is summarised on his Instagram page: ‘110% done for the passion of the club’. His latest digital edit of ISL 2018 leading goal scorer Ferran Corominas, better known as Coro, has so far received over 1,200 likes.

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