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A festival of premieres at IFFI 2018

The 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) has a bouquet of premieres for cinema enthusiasts and delegates. With four world premieres, two international premieres, 15 Asia premieres and 60 India premieres this festival is making sure cinema lovers get a first look at films. NT BUZZ brings you the details


The film festival this year will start on a high note as it is all set to host four world premieres. Among the four films, three films have been selected as the opening, midfest and closing films for this year’s festival.

Juilen Landais’ film ‘The Aspern Papers’ based on a novel by Henry James will be the opening film for the festival. ‘Regarding the Case of Joan of Arc’ by Matthew Wilder is selected as the midfest film and ‘Sealed Lips’ by Bernd Bohlich has been chosen as the closing film. Joaquin Pedretti’s film ‘A Scared Gaucho’ based on a farm labourer who goes in search of his lost child and transforms into a local Robin Hood is the fourth world premiere of IFFI 2018.

‘The Old Road’ by Manjeh Hekmat and ‘Van Goghs’ by Sergey Livnev are the two international premieres at this year’s festival. ‘The Old Road’ by prominent Iranian filmmaker Manijeh Hekmat addresses the social problem of violence against women at a time when the issue has turned into a matter of discussion for thinkers around the world. While Sergey Livnev’s ‘Van Goghs’ is about a talented artist who is always depressed and, at age 52, moves away from his oppressive father who has been supporting him financially. The story unfolds when both father and son set off on a difficult journey that leads them from hate to love.

The Asia premieres include ‘Divine Wind’ (Merzak Allouache), ‘Laugh or Die’ (Heikki Kujanpaa), ‘The Mercy of the Jungle’ (Joel Kaekezi), ‘Rain of Homs’ (Joud Said), ‘492’ (Henrique Goldman), ‘7 Emotions’ (Marek Koterski), ‘Autsajder’ (Adam Sikora), ‘Kazantzakis’ (Yannis Smaragdis), ‘London Fields’ (Mathew Cullen), ‘The Originals’ (Marwin Hamed), ‘II Premio’ (Alessandro Gassmann), ‘Rage’ (Sergio Trefaut) and ‘Roobha’ (Lenin M Sivam).

With the country focus being Israel this year, films like ‘Israel Longing’ (Savi Gabizon), ‘The Other Story’ (Avi Nesher), ‘Red Cow’ (Barkai Yacov), ‘Redemption’ (Joseph Madmony) and ‘The Unorthodox’ (Eliran Malka) will have Asia premieres in Goa.

The 60 India premieres will have films like ‘1985’, ‘3 Days in Quiberon’, ‘Alone at My Wedding’, ‘Arthur and Claire’, ‘Ash’, ‘Averno’, etc.

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