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A class act

Having dabbled in baking, art, and dance, Crostina’s biggest love however remains tiatr, she tells

J P Pereira

Crostina is one of the actors on the Konkani stage with a touch of class. Be it her portrayal of any character, sense of dressing, and best of all, her dialogue delivery. The audience will never hear her shouting or screaming for effect. Just a natural portrayal, she does with conviction.

Born in Mumbai and brought up in Macasana, Crostina dabbled in art, did short courses in baking, cookery, and dance both Western and Indian. “I cannot choose one profession, so I have tried many! But the love for the Konkani stage and my passion for acting, has kept me in this profession for the last 15 years,” says Crostina who used to watch a lot of nonstop shows by Roseferns and Prince Jacob as a child. “At that time, a love for the stage began growing in my heart and I wanted to act and portray different characters,” she says.

Her tryst with the Konkani stage began in the year 2003 when Maxcy Pereira introduced the 11-year-old in his tiatr ‘Bottam Dhakoiat’. This was a comedy role along with comedians Marcus, Brian and Seby. She was soon cast in ‘Moneank Zap Suttli’ by Anil Kumar and Fatima, after she did a role in their video production.

After taking a break from acting in 2004 for study purposes, between 2005 to 2010 she was seen in carnival plays and video films by Bobet de Qepem. “I acted in carnival plays of other directors too. For nine years, I have acted for various directors, including Anthony de Ambajim, Eddie de Quepem, Jose de Benaulim and Soccoro de Cortalim,” she says.

The big break in tiatr came from Milagres de Chandor. ‘Tallio Marat’, ‘Sotor Vorsachem Bhurgem’, ‘Fullam’ and ‘Tum Roddtolo’, were some of the tiatr she acted for. Then came great roles in ‘Nimnno Poddo’, ‘Ghirest Bhikari’ and ‘Khotte Poixe’ by Elvis- Carmen. Jr Reagan who had cast her in his first tiatr, ‘Sun Tea Gharachi’, later booked her for ‘Tourism Minister’, ‘Twinkle Twinke Little Star’ and some others. Besides this, she has acted for Cruz Pinto in his Lenten plays. Amar P Sawant cast her in the Kala Academy Competition play ‘Khorench Mog To Kuddo’ and she admits that she would definitely love to act in more competition plays. At present, Crostina acts for ace Comedian Sally’s in his new tiatr ‘Tuka Hench Favo’.

Having performing all over Goa, Crostina’s only bone of contention is when performing tiatrs in villages. “The area of the dressing rooms is left quite shabby and the actors have to manage somehow. But I suppose this is part of the profession I have chosen” she says. She further adds that a lot of changes are required on the Konkani stage. “The established directors have to be open for suggestions and there definitely has to be an improvement in the presentation.  People pay `150 per head to watch us perform. Besides this, there are travelling expenses. Naturally they expect good and wholesome entertainment from us,” she comments. She also mentions that the sets have to be attractive and used properly. “Tiatr has to be made attractive for the younger audience too, as these will be  future supporters of the art,” she says.

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