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Artist Adithyaa Sadashiv’s exhibition of watercolour works ‘Living in the Past’, harks back to the times of the Mudhol and Nawab dynasty. Also on display are paintings of heritage objects

A brush with the past

Artist Adithyaa Sadashiv’s exhibition of watercolour works ‘Living in the Past’, harks back to the times of the Mutdhol and Nawab dynasty. Also on display are paintings of heritage objects

Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ

Bengaluru-based artist Adithyaa Sadashiv loves telling stories that matter. Also a documentary filmmaker, editor and illustrator, the artist has brought his new art show ‘Living in the Past’ to Goa.

Currently on display at Goa State Museum, the exhibition which is supported by Department of Kannada and Culture, Government of Karnataka was inaugurated by artist and writer, Shridhar Kamat Bambolkar; director, Goa State Musuem, Radha Bhave; and architect and writer Pritha Sardessai.

Apart from the 18 watercolours; (nine small and nine big ones) featuring houses of the Mudhol and Nawab dynasty, Sadashiv, a visual communication graduate, is also displaying smaller paintings of the equipments used in heritage houses.

The young and reserved, but grounded and creative Sadashiv talks to NT BUZZ

Q. What got you interested to exhibit these

paintings in Goa?

Nothing specific, Goa has happened to inspire me in various ways and I felt my works have a strong connection to the heritage in Goa as well.

Q. When did the idea of this series come to you and how did you go about it?

I visited a place called The Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village in Manipal founded by late Sri Vijayanath Shenoy. Shenoy has restored several houses aging around 200 to 300 years belonging to different families and recreated the setting of this house as it was done during their times. Along with this he had also collected several artworks, artefacts and equipment like the typewriter, lamps, mud and bronze pots. This intrigued me to start a series of them through the medium of watercolours as this medium is the closest to me.

Q. Why so?

Drawing and watercolour medium has been very close to me for various reasons. The Indian wash method has been my go-to medium when I choose a subject to work on. This medium was inspired by the Chinese and Japanese style of work and was implemented in our country by the Bengal School of Art, but it has become a dying medium at present. This is one of the reasons that I choose to work on all my subjects in this medium.

Q. Can you throw more light on the theme and works on display at ‘Living in the Past’?

I have focussed on one colour throughout my paintings – brown. I have used colour only for the tiles of the houses and the rest are line drawings. In this way people can connect easily by just looking at the tiles and colour of it. I have focused on one aspect in each painting. For example, the hair salon shop has separate detailed painting of the chair used in the hair salons back in those days, the same with rest of the objects as well that are now considered heritage.

Q. Why do we need to preserve heritage even if it is through art?

We are living in a generation where the heritage of our state and country is fading away. People are losing interest in our culture and traditions. I believe heritage gives us identity and personality and it’s high time for us to preserve, protect, and promote our heritage. This can be done in various ways by reviving folk music, art and literature, through various mediums.

Q. What’s next after this exhibition?

I have started my next series of paintings in watercolour on tantric philosophy. It is still in the process.

Q. Goa has a lot of heritage too, any plans of bringing them to life through art?

I have actually planned on starting a series of work on ‘doors’ used in different household (old/new) in Karnataka. I have planned on using the similar concept in Goa as well, it is still under the wraps.

(‘Living in the Past’ will be open for public viewing at Goa State Musuem (Old Secretariat) till Wednesday, January 29, from 11 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.)

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