Friday , 19 April 2019
A brief look into another side of USA

A brief look into another side of USA


To give readers an insight into books and the author’s thought process while writing the book,  the International Centre Goa has launched a monthly series of events under the title ‘Kitaab: Books in Discussion’. The maiden event saw the Goa launch of Srinath Raghavan’s latest offering, ‘The Most Dangerous Place: A History of the United States in South Asia’.

Raghavan, a senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi was in discussion with former chief of naval staff, admiral Arun Prakash (Retd) and vice chancellor of Goa University, Varun Sahni. The discussion panel was chaired by director of ICG, Pushkar P.

The author of ‘War and Peace in Modern India: A Strategic History of the Nehru Years (2010)’ and ‘1971: A Global History of the Creation of Bangladesh (2013)’, Raghavan has had six years’ experience as an infantry officer in the Indian Army. His new book details the definitive history of US involvement in South Asia and provides a gripping account of America’s political and strategic, economic and cultural presence in the region.

While discussing the book, Prakash pointed out that the perception of the USA depends on what generation we belong to. For the people of the previous generations the lines between the British and the Americans were blurred, but as US emerged as a superpower its stature was different and now under the Trump administration, Indians perceive the US very differently.

Sahni meanwhile said that the book can be read by a wide spectrum of people from the research scholars to a lay person. “This book is about international relationships as well as the socio-political scene. To me this book is about the US and not about the South Asian region. It details the slow and dramatic change of the nation from an aristocratic people to a superpower,” he said.


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