Monday , 25 June 2018
760 Haj pilgrims to leave for Saudi Arabia on July 24
The executive committee members of the Sunni Youth Association New Vaddem and dignitaries seen with the Haj pilgrims from Mormugao taluka during the felicitation-cum-orientation programme held in Vasco

760 Haj pilgrims to leave for Saudi Arabia on July 24


VASCO: Sunni Youth Association of New Vaddem had organised a felicitation cum orientation programme for Haj pilgrims who will depart to Saudi Arabia from Goa.

As per available details from the organisers, there are nearly about 760 Haj pilgrims departing from Dabolim airport to Saudi Arabia from various parts of Goa and Karnataka (Karwar and Belgaum districts) on July 24. The number of Goan Haj pilgrimages is about 185 wherein 32 pilgrims are from Mormugao taluka.

The pilgrims from Mormugao taluka were felicitated in the presence of Haj Committee of Goa executive member and businessmen Adam Shaikh, businessmen Iqbal Shaikh, Maulana Failam Ul Haq and Naquib Ullah Quadri. Others present on the occasion were, Tahir Daud Carlo, Nazir Khan, Niazi Shaikh, Jamir Carol, Hyder Khilji, Shireen Shaikh besides executive committee members of Sunni Youth Association involving Abdul Khan, Shahid Shaikh, Riyaz Shaikh, Rizwan Shaikh, Mohsin Khan, Mushtaq Shaikh, Faiyaz Khan, Allah Baksh, Asif Shaikh, Javed Sayyed, Yasin Shaikh, Samir Paledar and Niyaz Meer.

On the occasion, 32 Haj pilgrims from Mormugao taluka were felicitated at the hands of the dignitaries. They were also given valuable information about the religious practices to be followed during the Haj pilgrimage at Mecca in Saudi Arabia during the orientation programme.

The Sunni Youth Association expressed gratitude to the state and central governments for making provision of a direct flight service to Saudi Arabia from Goa.

Meanwhile, the Imam of Jama Masjid Maulana Muhammad Ali Kadri explained to the pilgrims about the importance of the pilgrimage to Mecca and Madina.

Muslims visiting Hajj-e-Bailtullah had gathered at the Noori masjid to get details about their programme before leaving for Hajj. Present on the occasion were the president of Jama Masjid, Mustafa Kadar, Al Ameen Trust secretary, Muhammad TK, Noori Masjid Imam, Muhammad Ali Kadri, Babani Shaikh and Gaffar Admani.

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