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5 ways to drape a sari Chaturti

Puja Mapxencar

I am sure you must be confused about what to wear this Ganesh Chaturthi! Don’t worry about trying to wear your sari in different way every day. Here are some styles you can try out for the next five days.

Bengali drape style: From your wardrobe find a single color sari with a broad border. This will be the most ideal sari to drape in this style. It’s a style that involves two sides pleated and a large stylish key ring to hold down the double wrapped pallu. This style is worn usually with handlooms and light cottons.

Nauvari Maharashtrian style: This sari is a 9 yards long and that is why the word ‘nav’ is used. It’s the most significant and easiest type of drape. One can wear this style with a pair of short leggings. You can pair this sari with a nose ring and a Jasmine flower in your hair. The most important is a chand bindi to make this look a traditionally Maharashtrian.

Gujarati rajrani style: Choose a rich net sari and dress up like a royal lady. This rajrani style is a slightly different variation. All you need to do is make the pleats facing towards the right and create the pallu in form of a V in front. Team it up with long and heavy jewelry and you’re set to look stunning and beautiful this festive season

Butterfly Bollywood style: Make a small twist to the regular style of wearing a sari. The only difference here is that the pallu is made thin such that the midriff or navel is visible. Use chiffon or net sari to create this kind of look and wear contemporary jewellery.

Lehenga style: Lehenga style sari is a new trend introduced in India. This is an aesthetic blend of the traditional sari and a lehenga choli. A lehenga style sari is normally 4.5 metres to 5.5 metres long. If you plan to try this look then don’t forget to customise your sari blouse to look like a choli. This is perfect not just for Chaturthi but for weddings too. This style doesn’t need pleats, one can simply tuck and drape. Like that of a traditional sari, the lehenga style sari is worn over a petticoat.

Enjoy the festivity

Happy Ganesh


(Writer is head designer of KANDIDA )


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