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45 turtles crawl into the sea


The Forest and Wildlife Department recently released 45 Olive Ridley turtles into the sea at Morjim. A hatchery of 40,500 square metres area in Morjim is used to incubate the turtles till they emerge. Of 14 nests that were collected, assistant conservator of Forest and Wildlife Department, Nandakumar Parab states that turtles from three nests have emerged.

Recently of a nest of 100 eggs, 45 live Olive Ridley hatchings were seen released into the ocean. While 5 hatchlings were found dead, the other 50 were spoilt. According to Parab, climatic conditions play a vital role in the process of hatching. The eggs are generally incubated for about 45 to 52 days before the turtles emerge out and are released. The hatching takes place either before sunrise or after sunset.

Since 1998, The Forest and Wildlife Department has been monitoring the entire stretch from the mouth of the River Chapora to Ashvem and sometimes even Keri to protect the species.


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