Thursday , 23 May 2019

40 wells excavated for agri-activities in Canacona

The Canacona agri-project funded by Goa Shipyard Limited Vasco under its corporate social responsibilities, monitored by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, has succeeded in excavating over 40 wells to avail water to farmers for irrigation purposes in Gaondongrem and Cotigao.
According to Ulhas Bhatikar, incharge of the excavation work, GSL has succeeded in excavating 15 open wells. Bhatikar said that GSL has been taking up such projects for the fifth year in succession. He said that this season was bad due to low ground water, as compared to previous years.
In all, 15 irrigation open wells have been excavated at Gaondongrem and Cotigao villages by collective farming co-operative societies by spending Rs 1.25 lakh. Now that the total number of wells excavated has gone up to 40, this will help farmers to pursue their agri-activities.
To enhance the livelihood opportunities of farmers and to create employment generation through nurturing agriculture, GSL and TISS has provided 78 water pumps, for irrigation purposes.
To irrigate the area and to provide water for irrigation, about 1,500 pipes have been used as of now. This project will boost the morale of nearly 867 farmers. Bhatikar further told this reporter that in the ensuing year another 20 pumps and 200 pipes reflected in the budget have been drawn up.
All out efforts are being put in to sort out the water problem of farmers, he said.
Since people are struggling for potable water in Gaondongrem and Cotigao, GSL has also repaired a few wells in the vicinity of these areas. In one of such well over 9 water pumps are seen fitted to pump water.
Wells have also been excavated in nullahs with a depth of over 4 metres. During the rainy season, the wells will be covered by using planks so that the debris do not enter the wells.