3455 motorists penalised for ‘using’ cell phone in over 10 months

Amresh Parab | NT

PANAJI: Around three thousand four hundred and fifty five motorists were penalised for using mobile phone while driving/riding during the last ten and half months, recording a rise of around 180 per cent  compared to those penalised during the corresponding period of the previous year.

Last year, till mid November, the traffic police had booked 1,903 motorists for using mobile phone while driving/riding.

The police claimed that the rise in the number of motorists being penalised for such traffic offence is owing to the strict enforcement of that the particular rule, and added that there is also an increase in other types of traffic offence cases.

According to the police, this year, on an average around 10 persons were booked per day for using mobile phone while riding/driving.

According to the police, such traffic offenders are being prosecuted with a fine Rs 600 (riders/drivers of private vehicles) and Rs 700 (commercial vehicles).

Apart from that the licences of such traffic rule violators are subsequently referred to the RTO for suspension for a minimum period of 3 months.

In case, the driver/rider is holding licence issued by RTO from outside Goa, then it is referred to that concerned RTO.

A senior police officer said that using mobile phone while driving/riding is dangerous as it can endanger not only the life of the driver/rider but also that of the other road users.

The police said that they have come across cases wherein riders were found inserting mobile phone in  helmet while answering the call.

“Only the visible violations have been booked,” said another senior police officer.

The police said that the use of mobile phone while riding/driving, be it with the help of hands free or via other devices, even in car, is not permitted and the offenders are booked under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules and the Motor Vehicle Act.

The traffic police are also conducting special drives against traffic offenders with the focus on the use of mobile phone while riding/driving.

In August, the police had booked 186 motorists within a couple of days.

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