Friday , 20 April 2018

27 artists, myriad feelings

Naguesh Rao Sardessai

‘Code of Feeling’ is group exhibition of paintings, drawings, and new media art, currently showing at the art gallery of Sanskruti Bhavan, Patto, Panaji.

This is the 17th National Group Exhibition organised by ‘Rainbow Art Group’ and curated by Virendra Kumar. Total of twenty-seven artists from different regions of India have contributed over eighty art works produced employing various media.

Gajraj Chavan, Mallikarjun C Bagodi, Manoj Pawar, Sajid Premi, V B Birader and Virendra Kumar display appreciable maturity and contextual depth through their works. Gajraj has stuck to a traditional approach, yet his paintings have the much desired aesthetic quality. Simple compositions washed with apt hues and executed with perfection in mind is his hallmark.

Mallikarjun’s abstracts are inspired by nature. He plays with the forms and texture to create a harmonious melody of lilting visual orchestra whereas Manoj traces the acts of disharmony and discord that a human being experiences during his lifetime. But he does this with finesse, camouflaging the ugly with deft strokes of soft hues and shimmering texture.

Sajid’s contorted forms of hybrid figures that are in a state of meditative stillness washed with bright colours, display maturity. Biradar’s watercolours and Virendra’s nature inspired abstracts are worthy of attention. Ashwin Jariwal is another artist who plays with the textural variety.

Debamitra Chakrabarty, Devji A Shrimali, Jyoti Sateeja, Nutan Mone Bhoraskar, Poonam A Rana, Rakshitha, Rekha Gupta, Sadhna Jain, Azharuddin Faridi and Tulasi Prasad’s abstracts and semi abstract works need to be seen and experienced.

Chandrashekhar Kale, Krishna Rajendra Kumar, Madhavi Satish Joshi, Naina Gupta, Shubha A Hebbar and Parthasarathy Pal do interesting works. Madhavi’s spiritual imagery creates a potent visual atmosphere. Chandrashekhar and Naina’s folk inspired forms and visual texture created by apt use of lines and dots speak about their deep involvement with rural and tribal subjects.

Kunti and Parthasarathy’s women centric works are well crafted with weight rested on execution of skills and usage of symbols.

Somesh and NuzhatGul are other artists displaying their works.


(The show will be on view till January 11)

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