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200 Vorsam Bhavartachim


Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church, Paroda, recently completed 200 years of it’s existence.  As part of the celebration, Franky Paroda has released an audio album titled ‘200 Vorsam Bhavartachim’.  The album consists of 12 devotional songs praising God for the blessings bestowed upon the parishioners of Paroda.

The music for the album has been rendered by the parishioners of Paroda, who are also the choir members and several priests along with present parish priests, Fr Agnelo Rodrigues and Fr Benny D’Costa. The album was formally released in Jerusalem, when the producer had gone there for a tour of the Holy Land.

The programme started with an introduction of the parish of Paroda by Fr Domnic Noronha. The title track composed and rendered by Fr Benny pays tribute to the parishioners and priests who served at Paroda.

‘Devak Vakhanu-ia’ is a song of praise and thanks to God sung by Trudy Luis. ‘Saibinicheo Dukhi’ by Franky Paroda tells about the pain and suffering Mother Mary went through and Fr Agnelo Rodrigues ‘Karat Jai Jai’ is another song of worship. ‘Devachi Rochna’ is a fine duet on God’s creation, rendered well by Rakhee with Franky.

‘Jezuche Pattlavdar’ by George, Abigail, Sweeten, Trudy and Franky tells of the recent saints and Fr Rolland Lin narrates the life of St John the Baptist on ‘Sao Joao’. Insha alongwith Franky renders ‘Alleluia’, another song of praise and Fr Lauzerio Godinho sings of the virtues of Mother Mary on ‘Saibinn Mai’.  Franky Parodas continues with ‘Jezucho Mog’, Fr Urbano Fernandes sings of the sufferings of Jesus on ‘Jezuche Koxtt’ and Franky pays a tribute and thanks to the Lord in the final track, ‘Deva Mhojea Deva’.

The lyrics proclaim the love of the almighty and the saints. The music is by Felipe Barreto.

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