Monday , 25 March 2019
​‘Champu in Randchikud’ for children released
The audience at the book release

​‘Champu in Randchikud’ for children released

Writer, Dilip Borkar said that the present generation of grand mothers are in need of new story books to keep their grand children entertained and inculcate the habit of reading while addressing guests at the book release of ‘Champu in Randchikud’ written by Harsha Shetye recently at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

Borkar further said that it is his duty as the editor of ‘Bimb’ to publish good literature for readers. “Children’s literature has to be chosen carefully and it’s not found easily, while upcoming writers like Harsha can write short stories for children that can be published,” He said.

More than adults, decision making ability is much higher among children he pointed out. “When we fall in trouble, we think of whether to stay on one of the two paths available to us, and many a times this decision is taken only on the basis of benefits available in each direction. As a child, however, when we listened to a story, we quickly made a decision to be on the right path and not be amongst the villains in the story,” explained Borkar.

President of Konkani Bhasha Mandal and writer, Chetan Acharya highlighted that elders often underestimate their children of not understanding anything at a younger age tender age, while children pick up and learn faster when they are young. “Stories for children need not be based only on morals, but can introduce a new subject to them. Also, parents and elders are live examples of emulating morals to their children through their actions,” he said.

Konkani poet Rajshree Sail mentioned that literature for children can influence and inspire them.  A writer, she said has to think about how a story can influence children and write accordingly. She opined that ‘Champu in Randchikud’ proves to be a successful book for children that speak to them in their language. “The stories are told in the same way a mother narrates stories to her children.” Rajshree added that both logic and language is equally balanced in the book.

Writer Harsha Shetye recalled a few stories that were told to her by her grandmother. She said that she loved to create stories for her son who would make a fuss to eat food. Workshops on writing stories for children organised by Konkani Bhasha Mandal made her aware of what should be written and certain words and adjectives that should be avoided in the stories written for children.

During the event, Deetya Pai Kakode, Neervi Raikar, Siddharth Bhandari and Aadya Pai Kakode read stories from ‘Champu in Randchikud’.

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